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  • Elizabeth Menear

Walt Disney World

I had the most magical birthday celebrating with Kevin and the babies for my thirty-third birthday! It was the girls' first time in the parks and they were absolutely amazing for the entire day. They got lots of attention from parade characters, cast members and well... just about everyone. We nearly felt like celebrities!

It was a beautiful experience and one that we'll cherish for a long time to come. And goodness, those little hidden Mickey outfits from Target were just a hit! It's unlike Florida to have a 60-something degree weather day, but that's exactly what we got. We also managed to come the only day of the week that they were doing fireworks! Score.

My only hiccup was deciding to wear jeans. It's tough being in-between postpartum and pre-pregnancy clothes. I swear I had to pull up my pants like 100 times. Thank God for cozy, retro Disney sweatshirts (that I will be living in until this cold front passes). My phone also died early in the afternoon, but it was such a blessing to be unplugged for this experience. We soaked up every second and our bodies definitely felt it by the end of the night! Walking around the parks all day holding twin babies isn't the easiest thing in the world, but we oh so enjoyed the snuggles and felt all the Mickey magic everywhere around us.

Happy Christmastime everyone! The holiday season is finally here.