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  • Elizabeth Menear

Happy Halloween

Tomorrow is Halloween and it has become such a fun holiday to celebrate for our family! When two of your kiddos are back and forth on holidays thanks to parenting time agreements, it's hard to establish traditions that are meaningful. Fortunately for us, this holiday is one that isn't really mentioned so we've had it the last few years consecutively.


Chase: sly fox

Isabella: princess Belle

The first year, pre-babies, we went to a lovely church in Coral Springs that had a petting zoo and bounce houses and the whole nine yards. We picked our pumpkins and painted them the following Saturday! Sadly, I put them outside being a soflo novice and they rotted before Halloween even came. Fortunately, we snagged this gem of a photo that is still one of my absolute favorites. We drove out to Kevin's neighborhood where he grew up in Emerald Hills and had a fantastic time... where a lot of houses were either out of candy or packing up shop. WHAT?! On the way home, my super smart husband stopped at a gas station and bought up all the specialty candy favorites (you know, the tropical skittles that don't come in snack size) and the kids were beyond excited about the experience for like the next three weeks. A narrow escape from disaster turned into parenting victory - so the story of our lives.


Chase: football player

Isabella: princess Jasmine

I was thick in the midst of hyperemsis gravidarum and basically wanting to die. Little did we know that I was pregnant with two babies at the time. Knowing I couldn't survive a big to-do out, we found the First United Methodist Church in Boca Raton. They had such a wide variety of pumpkins and were highly affordable. We loved knowing that the proceeds were benefiting a range of causes that we care to support. We brought them home and carved them a few days before Halloween. I spent majority of that day sick as ever, but I do remember that Kevin and Isabella carved the cutest Minnie pumpkin and our house was decorated to the hilt. The kids trick or treated in the neighborhood and had candy to last until Christmas, which may have been the only thing I could stomach from October to December.


Chase: Steve from Stranger Things

Isabella: rainbow unicorn

Catherine: hedgehog

Aaliyah: hedgehog

No longer pregnant, thank you Jesus, but with two babies in tow we went back to First United in Boca. For South Florida residents, this place is seriously the best to get pumpkins! Just make sure you remember to go to their West campus otherwise you'll show up to an empty parking lot confused as ever (this may or may not have happened last week). We each got a pumpkin, and Isabella chose white ones for the babies. It's like she read my mind. I super surprised the kids with a Pinterest worthy dinner of jack-o-lantern handmade pizzas and pretzel-wrapped mummy hot dogs. The costumes this year are a hodgepodge, although dressing up as the Guardians of the Galaxy was discussed (babies as Groot). Chase has planned for over a year to be Steve and has been growing his hair out just as long. Should be epic, despite the costume being fifty bucks and nearly sold out everywhere. Isabella's is her spirit animal and encapsulates this year for her - all things unicorn. And the babies, well, let's just say a sloth baby costume video on YouTube convinced me to go this route. I intend to take adorably wonderful video of them crawling in action. We'll be sure to post family pics on Instagram!

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