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  • Elizabeth Menear

2019: The Year of Bad Hair

As promised, I told you all I would share my horrible hair nightmare story of 2019. It all began after I gave birth to my twins. My hair was gorgeous thanks to prenatal vitamins (Garden of Life My Kind Organics are my top choice) and nearly nine of months of pregnancy torture. However, as soon as I stopped breastfeeding I lost about half of my long locks.

On top of the grief in watching my hair come out in chunks in the shower, as it started to grow back my hair was at all kinds of uneven lengths. When I was younger, I suffered from a mild case of Trichotillomania, which I desperately tried to hide. At the end of my freshman year in high school, my life changed drastically and I used it as a coping mechanism. Watching my hair postpartum was like looking in a rear-view mirror and seeing what it used to look like. It was emotionally trying to say the least. I got in a spat with my husband and decided to cut it short as an empowering act of womanhood - first dumb decision.

A few months later, as it always seems with chin-length hair, I hated it. I felt like an overweight stereotypical mom in all the wrong ways. Hence the decision to have it dyed pink! First go came out orange. Second go took an entire day and a $700 price tag to ensure that no damage would be done through this process. I loved it. I was an anime-dream-come-true and my husband was obsessed with me. Until... two weeks later when it faded immediately. Being that my natural hair color is black and not platinum blonde, I looked ridiculous and didn't have the budget nor the motivation with twin babies to keep going in to get it done. Then came the darker pink in hopes I could go more intense so that when it faded it would be pastel pink. Right? Wrong. It was super harsh for my skin color and I felt even worse about myself.

My sister-in-law used to work for an Aveda salon and always told me that girls would come in wanting to go the polar opposite from their natural, and then they would come back in a month or so to go back to their own hair color realizing the error of their ways. I couldn't agree with this more. As much as mermaid, pastel, unicorn hair is super fun and trendy, it is incredibly challenging to maintain. I missed being a brunette and just feeling like myself. I called the salon to see what the process was like to go back to brown and I was going to get charged a small fortune.

My husband decided to step in. From our research, I needed to go auburn red before going back to brunette. Since all the pigment was stripped from my hair, immediately doing box dye brown would make it a gross, muddy brown which I didn't want either. Thank to his excellent chemistry skills, he died my hair auburn and it was a complete success. I probably would have kept it like this for longer but it continued to fade. Eventually, I bought black and went for it and it was fine for a while.

With using box color over professional bleach, the color will not last. At best you'll get about three weeks. My roots were great, then a nice color block chunk of brassy hair turning back to blonde, and then auburn brown below that. I was tired of coloring my hair and decided to look to Groupon for a quick dye-job near me. I found a highly rated salon and saw that they were known for excellent tape-in extensions. Could this be the answer to my hair trouble?! I bought some gorgeous 18-20" keratin natural black tape-ins off Amazon and made my consultation appointment. Right before I went in, I had a gut-check and literally said out loud to Kevin, "You know, for all of this hair craziness, I don't have a single split end. I can't believe it is this healthy."

After my consult, I was scheduled to come in a few days later. Oh my gosh you guys, I was so excited. Instead of having to wait like two years to get my hair back, I found the quick fix that would allow my natural hair to grown and strengthen over the course of the next year (that's how long the extensions last). They colored my natural hair to match the extensions and made the mistake of using relaxer in the color (what Aveda said seemed like happened) in combination with using a blow-dryer that the filter hadn't been changed on. The heat was so hot that I had to ask her to stop several times because it was burning my scalp. When she was done, my hair was plastic. I didn't really put everything together mentally at this point and assumed the texture was from the way she styled it. The owner put in my extensions and I went on my way, needing to come back for another pack since my hair was thicker than anticipated.

Here comes the nightmare.

After about 24 hours, the burnt hair smell stuck with me. I eventually decided that something was off and tried to wet my hair. As soon as it dried, I looked like a bad version of a 1990's Barbie. It was crimped and broken off everywhere. I used a deep conditioning treatment and as soon as I went to brush it (when wet), it literally snapped off like gummy rubber bands. Of course, the worst of it was the top and most visible layer of my hair. AWESOME.

I'll skip the drama with the original salon that did the damage, but Drew James Aveda saved the day. They salvaged the rest of my hair and gave me a game plan on what to expect. I'm really not appreciating the length right now so I'm planning to do a pixie cut as soon as I get it a little more healthy.

What I have learned in this process:

1. Do not bleach your hair if you are a dark brunette.

2. Box color is only a temporary solution at best.

3. Do not use Groupon for aesthetic services.

4. Google reviews are not necessarily reliable.

5. Long or short hair has no impact on my value.

6. Don't make hair decisions compulsively. ****

7. Aveda is the amazing.

I'm declaring that 2020 is going to be my year of hair freedom. I never thought in a million years that I would get a pixie cut, but I'm actually looking forward to it now. This is my year to fully embrace myself as a strong, capable, compassionate, passionate, creative woman - who says long hair is more beautiful? And now I get to design all sorts of fun hair clips that I wouldn't have thought of otherwise. Check 'em out!

In addition, my husband has made a miracle-cure hydration DIY mask for damaged hair. I was hesitant at first, but honestly this man can do it all. I'll put the recipe below, but do this once a week with taking vitamins and drinking water and it'll bounce back before you know it. I've only done the treatment once and it literally made a huge impact.


- raw organic honey

- organic cinnamon

- real aloe from the plant

* warm up on the stove

* massage in gently

* leave on for thirty minutes

* rinse with cold organic whole milk

* shower with hydrating conditioner

* let air-dry

*brush with a boar bristle brush repeatedly

You can aid unfiltered apple cider vinegar or a raw egg occasionally to the mixture!

I took this picture last night to test my pixie cut. My hair is just pinned back in a tiny pony tail but I'm thinking it's not too bad!

I'd rather cut it short and embrace my face and fun make-up and accessories than feel the need to hide damage. Who's with me?!

Cheers to freedom and fun head pieces. This crown is a celestial crystal one soon to come. It will be listed in the shop with wired on stars, moons, crystals and quartz come March.

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